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Lighting for Oneway Lathe--Long

Dennis in Southern Oregon
>Wally Dickerman posted a request yesterday for ideas on lighting for his upcoming OneWay lathe. I can't seem to recover that request from the archives.

By coincidence, I bought a halogen lamp a couple of weeks ago from Enco a couple of weeks ago and had just gotten around to mounting it yesterday. After reviewing the options, I decided to mount it directly to the headstock of my OneWay 2436. This turns out to give great flexibility in the positioning of the light and is out of the way. It allows the light to be used with either inboard or outboard turning. The light was (is?) on sale at Enco and is their model MFG 7240, Catalog #505-002. The mounting was done as follows: I cut a 3" x 3" x 1/4" piece of steel plate. I drilled four holes in the plate to match the holes in the base of the lamp, and tapped them to accept 8-32 machine screws. Then I drilled two 1/4" holes about 2" apart in the middle of the plate. Then, I drilled two (undersized) matching holes in the top of the headstock and tapped them to accept 1/4"D x 1/2"L flathead machine screws. The 1/4" holes in the mounting plate were then countersunk with a 1/2" bit so that the flathead screw did not project above the mounting plate.

The following pictures show some of the possible positions of the lamp that can be obtained.

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