Turning Archive 2008

cupcake box *PIC*

john lucas
>I've been awfully busy in the shop lately doing everything but turning for fun. I had this extremely hard piece of wood that I was given and used it for photos on the hunter tool article. When I was done with the photo shoot I turned a box bottom out of it.

Well you can't have a bottom without a top so grabbed the first handy piece of wood which was some box elder with no color. I had been wanting to carve the bottom of a lid so I did on this one and then decided it looked like frosting dripping over the side of a cupcake so I colored it with the airbrush and some paint I mixed to match the color of box elder red.

I mentioned below that something moved over the night and I had to resize the bottom to fit the lid again.

I'm still having problems with my lacquer finishes straight off the gun. I've ordered a new gun and I'm going to pick up some retarder. I'm hoping that will solve the problem. I can't justify hand sanding and polishing a finish on a box that won't bring any more money than these will so I've got to solve the finish problem.

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