Turning Archive 2008

Simple Walnut Crotch Platter *PIC*

Brian Hahn in SW Wisconsin
>My sister's in-laws had 101 walnut trees logged out of their woods and let me have my pick of the debris before a neighbor took the rest for firewood. To express my appreciation, I made two platters and let them pick which one they wanted. The one they selected was the same as this but it had a tighter crotch pattern and it was all heart wood. (It also didn't have a finish flaw on the front that I need to fix on this platter.)

Walnut crotch, 11" diameter. Rough turned, boiled, dried in a paper bag and then finish turned -- and it still went out of flat while I was turning the front. This was only my second platter (the first was 5 years ago) and was somewhat of a learning experience. Sealed with blonde de-waxed shellac before the final sanding, then 2 coats of Waterlox and buffed with tripoli.

Comments and critiques welcome.

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