Turning Archive 2008

Buckeye Hollow Form *PIC*

Bill Clark
>This piece exhibits two distinctly different colors. The golden “buckeyes” are prominent on one side and a nice gray/black pattern on the other. When I started working on this piece the blank looked promising and I was rewarded with nice sound hollow form. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of major bark inclusions as I like a few holes in the buckeye pieces but it’s better than finding a major unworkable flaw inside.

This hollow form is from the same root ball as the other pieces in my California Buckeye series. This vessel is 7 3/4” in diameter and 6” tall. The entry hole is 1 5/8”. The piece also has a “disappearing” base and sits on a 1 ¾” turned flat spot on the bottom. The walls are 3/16” thick. It is finished with 2 coats of shellac to seal the soft wood, then 3 coats of satin MinWax Wipe-On Poly.

All comments/critiques welcome.

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