Turning Archive 2008

sil;ver ladders *PIC*

>I had originally wanted this to be my last pen of 2007.Things don't always happen as I plan them.(I don't make the rules)
Appearances are deceiving and though the camera doesn't lie this pen has more issues that The Saturday Evening Post.
All in all I consider it a success even though I do not consider it a saleable pen,I proved a concept in design and materials.
Ca finish on ebony is always a crap shoot.Because of other issues I chose not to fix the dull spots with another method of finish.Even if the finish were pristeen I would not sell this pen.There were issues that occurred during the glue up that are evident in other views of the pen.
At that point I did not have enough components to start another blank so I finished this one to see if it would stay together.
Ebony and aluminum in a PSI Tycoon Roller ball kit in Rhodium.
Comments/suggestion welcome.

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