Turning Archive 2008

Don't be like me! (Dark humor, important message.)

Craig Daymon
>I know, I know, many of you out there say to yourselves,"if I could only be a mediocre turner like Craig Daymon, maybe some day". Well, as much as I appreciate your sincere admiration, it is undeserved. I do STUPID things when I turn and I will soon be posting signs in the shop to remind me NOT to do so.

Today I was finishing the inside of an in-turned bowl (slightly smaller opening than it is in diameter) about 9" in diameter and 4" deep and I had a slight ridge near the bottom I wanted to remove. Aside from that one ridge, the inside was looking pretty good. That's when stupidity struck HARD! Use a curved cabinet scraper! (Please kids, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME...OR ANYWHERE ELSE!!!) I've used them on the outside of bowls with great success, so how bad could it be? (Again, STUPIDITY!)

Well, my hand was inside the bowl with the scraper and it caught. It spun around inside the bowl (again, my hand was in there too) slicing into my wrist down to the bone. Cut a tendon and at least one nerve. The top of my pinky finger is numb and I go to see the hand surgeon tomorrow...which I hope won't mean any additional work beyond the current stitches.

So, take my picture off the shop wall and remember to always think through the possible consequences (a.k.a. all necessary projectile and escape routes) if you are trying something new. I was wearing a face shield, which was also a GOOD THING!

-Craig (intelligent does not equal smart) Daymon

BTW, it looks like the bowl will survive. (I know some of you were worried.)

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