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Lathe Drive Belt Trouble *PIC*

Paul Kramer

While trying to complete some turned Christmas gifts my Delta Midi (Mini really) began vibrating. Upon investigation I found that the belt had a little twist in it. I was on dead-line so I soldiered on. The vibration became worse and soon after the belt jumped off the pulley and it was evident that it wasn't going back on -- see photo below. I called Delta and I was told that the belt was a "consumable" so it wasn't something they covered. So, I ordered the belt off their site. It arrived a few days later and it looked completely different. Instead of the clear base material with white strands the new one was black and there was no evidence of any threads. The new one works well and I was able to get back to work in time -- see the following posts.

Have any of you seen this? I've never heard of it and I'm suspicious that it's a failure of design or manufacture.


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Lathe Drive Belt Trouble *PIC*
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