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OT - Helpful Hint for Chev Owners

Allen Neighbors
>I have a 2002 3/4 Duramax Diesel Chevrolet Pickup. The air conditioner was poor-to-worthless when I bought it, and it got where it hardly blew any air at all. Even the dealer couldn't do anything to fix it. The Maintenance dept stuck a thermometer in the vent, and said, "It's 40 degrees... better than average." I said, "I'm not sitting in the vent."...
To make a long story short: The passenger compartment has two 5"x8"x1" air filters between the intake vent and the blower motor. The blower draws air from outside between the back edge of the right fender and the right inside wall under the glove compartment, where it can clog up pretty fast. It requires a 6 mm nut driver to remove three screws for the drop down, and the one screw for the filter cover. When you pull one filter down and out, there's another one "forward" (towards the engine) of it... pull it back towards the seat, and then down.
Hope this helps save someone else from having to drive 180 miles in 110 degree heat. Barb's post reminded me of this problem I had in October this year.
May the blessings of a very happy Year come to all of you WCers in 2008!

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