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Starting off the year with a bang!

>Those of you who have been here know we start off the New Year with a lot of fireworks. At least some do. This is the first day of my term as President of our club, Honolulu Woodturners. This will be our blast: We are preparing for a visit from Mike Mahoney and wife Jenni on Friday, and looking forward to Mike's demo on Saturday and Hands-on for Sunday. We have waiting in the wings a visit from John Jordan, thanks to contacts made through member Sharon Doughtie.

What I plan to have as a constant theme in our semi-monthly meetings are two things:
1) A Novice's corner on the agenda for every meeting. While we have all types and skill levels, this will be a time for a beginner to ask any question or request help in what they are encountering as they begin woodturning. Treasurer Andy Cole teaches a beginner's class at our local Woodcraft, and has been a conduit for several new members.
2) The importance of being able to develop your woodturning knowledge from the internet, and the benefit of Discussion Forums like WoodCentral. I plan to feature a URL address of a different woodturner's website every month, starting in January with Russ Fairfield (Finally got to meet Russ at Portland-a thrill for me). There are only six meetings, so this will be a short list, and certainly many of them will be WC'rs.

If you were in charge of the direction to take for a group of 75-80 woodturners with pros like Mike Lee and Pat Kramer, to someone like two women who recently signed up for a hands-on with Allan Batty, and had no lathe or equipment yet, but had taken their first woodturning class and were hooked! What would you do? Appreciate your thoughts and ideas on the subject...

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Starting off the year with a bang!
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