Turning Archive 2008

Hollowing Redwood Vessel

Barry Turner
>I had an exceptional piece of redwood lace burl in the shop and decided to turn a small hollow vessel today. The vessel is a classic onion shape. The vessel is about 4" tall and about 5 1/2" in diameter at the widest part. It has a 1 1/2" opening. I am having a hard time hollowing this vessel.

I have the 5/8" Kelton set of hollowers. (They don't seem to cut well in the redwood) I have a straight Sorby multi-tip tool. I also have the larger gooseneck Sorby hollower. And the small Sorby ornament-size gooseneck hollower.

I am having the difficulty at and above the widest diameter. I just can't seem to reach these places. I'm not real experienced with hollow vessels, so I'm not sure where the practical limits of what I can expect to do are.

Do I need some other tool (perhaps the John Jordan small hollowers?) Or, am I just trying to hollow through too small an opening? Maybe I just need to swallow my pride and go to a 2" opening? Any advice will be appreciated.

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