Turning Archive 2008

Things that take a long time to heal???? OT

Barry Irby
>I have bursitis in one elbow and tennis elbow in the other. The bursitis on was puffy for about a month and then I thought it was well. The other one is still tender, but seems to be getting better (about two months) Yesterday I noticed the bursitis one was sore again and today the puffiness is back. I am bumbed about this. I am normally healthy and have no experience with things that take months to heal.

So that's my question. Do these things take months to heal? I am unaware of what I did to either one of them in the first place and also have no idea what aggravated the bursitis again. I am taking it easy on them and trying to be gentle. The doctor's instructions involved Ice and Ibuprofen, but nothing that would actually help heal them. Anybody had any experience? Hoping this is not becoming a way of life.

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