Turning Archive 2008

What you can do with a metal lathe *PIC*

Donna Banfield
>I am very fortunate to have a good friend, Mike, who is a gifted woodturner and very creative on his metal lathe.

If you've ever used the Beale Buffing wheels on a deep bowl, especially if it has a natural edge, the headstock of your lathe frequently gets in the way.

This device solves that problem. Mike turned a new arbor with a #2 MT, that extends 10" from the headstock, and accepts the wheels and bowl buffs. To hold it in place, he created a drawbar, made from threaded rod that screws into the back part of the new arbor, passes through the headstock, and is secured with the knurled knob. The knob was made to fit snuggly into my handwheel. Even at 1800 rpm, there is no vibration or runout at the buff end.

Don't ask me how he made this -- I'm clueless. But am grateful to be a lucky recipient of his work.

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