Turning Archive 2008

Liquid masking for airbrushing

john lucas
>I've never used the liquid masking before and I'm having trouble. I don't have a way to spray it on so I've been doing some tests with brushing. It sticks to the wood to well and I have a lot of trouble peeling it off. I've only sanded the wood on the test pieces. The masking material is water based so I raised the grain on the wood and then sanded lightly. The mask still stuck to the wood so that I can only get it off in little pieces.

When I took Binh Pho's class I don't remember having any problems but we sprayed it on. Do I need a thicker mask? Should I seal the wood? If I seal it I won't be able to use dyes which is OK on this project because I'm using paint but I would like to know.

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