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Way OT: Anybody had their ACL reconstructed?

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

Haven't posted much in the last few months. I was very busy getting things ready for Christmas gifts when my other passion, soccer, put a small crimp in things.

Long story short is that I collided with a goalkeeper and he came out on top :) My left ACL (knee ligament for those that don't know) tore with a not very nice popping sound. After a MRI and consultation with the ortho surgeon, I'm opting for the reconstruction using ligaments from my hamstring. For various reasons, the patellar tendon and cadaver route will not work for me, so hamstring is the one. Surgery will be in about 2 weeks, so I am strength conditioning until then.

Has anyone had this done and if so, do you mind sharing experiences with it? I'll be 40 in a week and a half and have never had any surgery and don't know what to really expect. I've broken bones and a thousands bumps and bruises, but nothing like this. The Dr says I should be playing again in 9 months or so, but in the meantime, the lack of cardio exercise is driving me crazy!

The really good news is that it really doesn't hurt right now, it is just sore and now that the swelling is mostly gone, it doesn't keep me out of the woodshop. I spent about 5 hours there today just straigtening up after the last minute dash to get Christmas stuff done.

What I am really curious about is post-op stories and how the rehabbing went. Getting back to be able to run and play again is very important to me. I play on 2 or 3 teams at a time, depending on the time of year and will play 3 or 4 times a week plus coaching when the kids play. Soccer is as big a part of my life as woodturning and I really want to do everything I can to be sure that I can play again after the surgery.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for a wonderful new year!!


Advil is my friend in Apex, NC!!

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