Turning Archive 2007

Got 3 hrs. of turning time yesterday *PIC*

Eddie Pacheco, San Jose, Ca.
>After some family time and just before the big game I got some time on the lathe. Inspired by Colin's work and the examples at his website, I did a square platter out of some figured walnut. These are a bit scary and I did manage to get a chip out which I didn't clean up. I also made a small ort bowl out of Cocobolo. Both of these quickies are for my mother in law for coins and orts.
With the exemption of the foot tenon, I used the Hunter # 3 cutter from rough to finish on both of these pieces. I'm trying to get better at using these Hunter cutters. While not practical for production work, in roughing, I like the fact that one cutter, off the rack, can just about do it all.
The walnut piece was sanded to 320 (started at 220) and has a BLO finish.
No shop time today as we are having company again.

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