Turning Archive 2007

My memory and my computer's memory have failed :-)

Clem Wixted, Jonesboro, AR
>I recently saw a web page with instructions for making a TOOL HANDLE and I have spent a few hours searching for it on my computer and on the net, to no avail. I thought I saved the link or copied the article but maybe "old timers" is working against me.

This was no ordinary tool handle. It was made to slide a 1/2" tool into a metal handle and the tool was held in place with pipe and hydraulic fittings. If I remember correctly the tool was held in place using hand pressure to squeeze a compression fitting onto the tool shaft. The metal handle, I think it was black pipe, was covered with a reinforced hose that looked like it had mesh under the outside clear cover. I even think the author used something on each end of the handle to finish each end of the hose. It looked really good.

Can you point me to this article or web page.



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