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Nikon D40X shopping

Stuart Johnson
>I have pretty well settled on purchasing a Nikon D40X. It seems to have good reviews and sounds like it is as much camera as I will ever need. My problems is deciding on a package and where to buy.

It looks like it comes as a body only, a body with 18-55mm lens and a body with both an 18-55mm and 55-250mm lens. The prices also seem to be all over the board for the same packages. I can see there being a difference between dealers but it looks like it can run close to $200 just on the body.

My main use will be learning to take great photos of my turnings, photos of my wife's needlepoint work and close up photos of coins for Ebay listing.

What suggestions are there on what package might be best for me I know if I buy the body only I'll need to also purchase a lens. I would like to be pretty well set with one purchase but don't want to buy items such as a 55-200 lens if I probably won't use it for my basic needs. Someone did mention somewhere that it is best to buy a body only and a lens separately.

Also, what are some good, reliable online sources? I would like to buy local but when you figure online discounts and no tax it is a sizable amount. I will though if that is the best option.

Thanks for any input.

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