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OT - My other life

Andi Wolfe
>This is only remotely related to woodturning in that the video I just posted to YouTube has images of Nick and Chris Laidler, the sons of a good woodturning friend of mine from South Africa, Dennis Laidler. I posted images of my 2003 field season to the Drakensberg of South Africa and the highlands of Lesotho to a music track my band recorded for our recent CD, The Pilgrim's Road. I composed the tunes after the 2003 field season and there's a long story that goes along with it, which you can read about on the YouTube site.

I had a lot of issues in getting the images to be resolved on the video and had to do a lot of stupid things to get it to work. If anyone has experience with iMovie and would like to pass along tips, I'm all ears.


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