Turning Archive 2008

Help me stop orbiting bowls

>I made my first attempts at turning bowls over the past week. I start by fixing a blank to a face plate and turning the outside and bottom. Turning the outside is no problem. It's when I turn the inside that disaster strikes. The one thing I can identify is that I am probably taking too heavy of a cut, leading to a catch, and I need to be a little more patient.

But the factor that I am not sure of is the method that I am using to hold the bowl when I reverse the blank to start working on the inside of the bowl. I was taught to cut a recess with a dovetail edge on the bottom of the bowl, and then mount the blank on a chuck with expanding jaws. I'm not sure if this is ideal, as when I started looking on the web for ways to mount the bottom side of the bowl, all I found were methods describing turning a tenon on the bottom of the bowl, and mounting the blank on a chuck in compression mode.

The one advantage I see with using the tenon method is that if the bowl dismounts, it still may be salvageable. It also may be a stronger way of holding the bowl, but I'm not sure about that.

When my bowls have gone orbital, the wall of the bottom recess blows out, and I haven't figured out a way to be able to remount the blank. I can't do it from the bottom because of the blowout, and I can't remount the top since I already have hollowed out the inside, so there's no place for a faceplate.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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