Turning Archive 2007

Thanks to Wood Central Santa's

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>My modest turning blank supply was significantly increased this Christmas. Thanks, to Cyril, JL, Jerry Whitaker, Dennis Yoder, and Gil Jones. Packages from each arrived with specific instructions to wait until Christmas to open. In this small town, it made quite a stir at the post office. When the first one arrived, the post master asked if I could wait until Christmas or should she hold it for me. LOL. By the time the fifth one arrived, she remarked to other customers that I must have a lot of boyfriends from around the country sending me gifts,

I do! And I thank each and everyone of you.

The cherry handle of the driver tool I posted earlier was turned from some cherry Cyril sent. I did it on the 24th, so technically I waited long enough!

Thanks guys. You are all the greatest!

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