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OT: Post Christmas rant

steve antonucci
>I have a lot of topics that surround Christmas that really get me riled up, but I'm going to focus on just one: gift cards.

For starters, I think a gift card says "I didn't know what to get you, and this is almost like getting cash". My wife enrolls in one of those credit card programs where they rebate some of the interest to you in awards at the end of the year. This year, I got a gift card to Orvis.

I mentioned that it's almost like cash, because you can buy anything you want FROM ORVIS. Apparently, the participants change every year, and Home Depot wasn't playing this year. I can always spend money at HD, and it doesn't really need to be "sexy" (paint, wall board, etc...)

So I start paging through the Orvis catalog, and they sell some really nice stuff. Stuff that I don't want or need, but it's nice stuff. She tells me that she thought I might want the National Park atlas (trail maps to 70 park, leather bound) for my hiking, and I remind her that I bought a mini deck of cards to cut down on weight.

I figure that with Orvis' reputation for outdoorsmen and that lifestyle, I shouldn't have any issues finding something. Well, I eventually did (travel Scrabble set, and a coffee table book), but it wasn't easy. They are both nice things, but neither was on my list to Santa (I really wanted a peavy- do you think they sell them in the Orvis catalog? Nope...)

My final AARARRGGGH moment comes when I realize that 10% of my gift is going to the USPS to ship it to me. Since there are no Orvis stores for me to walk into (Unless I drive into Manhattan -$10 gas, $40 parking, and $6 tolls and 4 hours of my life), I had to buy online. I'm a hands on guy. I like to touch things to make sure I really want them, and I've been robbed of the opportunity "to shop"...

Next year, I'm going to be sure to audit the list of approved vendors for the rewards. I'll check off two or three so that there's still some surprises, but my online experience will result in tools!


P.S. My wife bought herself an Ipod. I was going to get it for her, but she had already wrapped it in November. I made her wait until Christmas to use it. :-)

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