Turning Archive 2007

First Christmas to be able to give a turning! *PIC*

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>First was a bowl that I was so late on, I couldn't wrap it, nor did I get a picture. But it is delivered and the recipient is happy. I could be a whole lot happier with it as it turned out, but then only a turner will see the errors of my ways. The really good part was that I learned a ton on this one. Sorry no picture.

But the other is thanks to Jen for inspiration. I picked up a driver set at the grab bin at the hardware store for $4. I removed the plastic handle and this is what emerged.

Cherry with a brass flare nut for the ferrule. It was very possessively received. LOL. Others could hardly get a hands on look at it. I like it well enough that I will go back tomorrow and see if any are left in the grab bin. I'd like one for myself!

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