Turning Archive 2007

Spinning Tops

Ron McKinley
>The challenge for this month in our Inland Woodturners is spinning tops—a spin-off. Like an Old West Shoot-out! The one that spins the longest wins.

What's the secret to a good spinner? We're limited to 3" in diameter so I suspect mass and weight are important. Must be all wood, no metal or anything else allowed.

I made two this afternoon from box elder scraps (a light wood) and the prettiest and most elegant is a rather poor spinner. I made another from what was left from that one and it's a great spinner. It is much smaller, has a tapered handle from the base to the tip. It has a few gouges and tool marks that I couldn't get out since I was working extremely close to the chuck. Obviously finish isn't an attribute of a good spinner.

So what is the secret? When you answer please whisper as my competition may be listening. GRIN Merry Christmas to all and thanks....Ron

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