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Bubble Wrap problem. Help.

Jim Rutten
>Hi everyone,

I made a bowl for a Christmas present. The wood was sugar maple. I finished it with Watco penetrating danish oil. It had at least 12 hours of cure time and seemed completely dry. We wrapped it in bubble wrap and put it in a box. It sat under our tree for a couple of days and then was transported to its destination (no extremes of tempurature). When the receipient opened it it had, for lack of a better word, spots of glossy places where the bubble wrap touched the finish. I used a paper towel to some effect on trying to get the spots out but it didn't work completely. First of all, what happened? I would think bubble wrap would be a very safe medium to wrap things in. Second, is there anything I can do to fix it? Would another coat of danish oil level it out? Buff it on the Bealle? I would rather not go the buffing route unless I have to since this person like the satin finish of the danish oil. I will sign on again tonight and tomorrow to see if anyone has any ideas. Thanks.

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