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From the land of broken and unwanted toys *PIC*

Jim K in Trappe PA
>The adults in my family have a joke Christmas gift exchange where nobody can spend more than $5. Going in turn, each person can pick an unopened gift, or take a gift that someone else opened, and that person gets to pick again. Bragging rights go to the most original.

I made this ornament from all rejects. I blew apart the egg shaped ball by mistake, but kept it because I liked it. I made the bottom finial about a year ago, and didn't like the proportions. I made the top piece recently, but it didn't fit what it was intended for.

The bottom finial is suspended so it hangs like a bell clapper. I also made a hanger with a cherry base, and wire (not pictured).

I'm figuring I have close to thirty cents invested in materials, so I need to find a $4.30 wrap job!

Merry Christmas Y'all!
Jim K in Trappe, PA

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