Turning Archive 2007

General 260 Lathe Question

Marvin Horn
>I'm an occasional turner, mostly to support flatwork I do, but do turn the odd bowl. I few years ago I picked up a General 260 with the Reeves varible speed drive and really love it. The drive was really poorly adjusted when I got it but tuned up nicely and has run flawlessly since. Only "improvement" made was a reversing swith on the motor for sanding.

Now my question. What are the Pro and Cons of the Reeves Drive vs. an Electronic VSD? Most VSD's include step pulleys to keep you in the motors best operating range (cooling, torque ect.). The Reeves never has to to be adjusted. Speed range on the Reeves is adequate and can be shifted somewhat in setup towards bowl or spindle turning. I've never stalled the lathe hogging off a bowl. Am I missing something?

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