Turning Archive 2007

Please Help!

Bruce Evans
>Happy Holidays to you all, and please help me if you can. I have not turned for years and just recently got the urge to break out the chisels and do something that was not a home repair. I came across to very handsome chisels that I purchased made by the Hirsch company and would like to get their actual names and usages. (Sorry, no pictures, my son has camera for the holiday!) The first, #1649 26, is flat and wide until the end where it narrows from one side and then swells into a ball. I'm guessing some sort of bowl scraper? The second, #1639 20, is flat, almost rectangular, widens at the end which is cut on a diagonal both laterally as well as top to bottom.

Another scraper? I feel like an idiot for not even remembering what these are for but I recall being interested in bowl turning years back in the time I call "BH" - "Before Home-ownership"!

Thanks in advance for your help and best wishes to you and yours.

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