Turning Archive 2007

Just in the St. Nick of Time - more ornaments *PIC*

charlie belden
>Turning ornaments is a great way to play with
several forms of turning without using a lot
of wood or spending a lot of time - a nice mix
of "outside form", some hollowing, and some
spindle turning.

Got sort of bored with round shapes so did
some 3 sided "bodies" to get pieces that
look different from differnt vantage points.
But doing the "spindles/iciclces" is what I
enjoy the most. Everything can be done with
a half inch curved skew and you make them
as simple as you want - or as complex as
you want. The "droplet" finials take about
15 minutes to do and lend themselves to
quick variations. The beads and coves and
tapers and details take a lot longer but are
also fun to do.

If you get started now - ok so maybe you
can do some between Christmas and New
Year - you can have next year's presents
out of the way by the New Hampshire

Ho-Ho-Ho to all
and have a safe and sane holiday season

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