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drilling holes in spindles

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>Need some advise, O Wise Ones.

I was inspired by Jen's screw drivers and needed one last Christmas gift. How to drill the hole is the quandary.

I downloaded and printed out the helpful "Turning Tool Handles" by Ron McKinley on Doug Thompson's site. And I rough turned a cherry cylinder. The shaft of the driver is 1/4" so tomorrow when I get the mail I will stop and get a brass coupling nut for the ferrule (while the garage is warming up!).

I am OK with Ron's instructions until how I am to hold the spindle to drill the hole. Maybe I am missing some sort of tooling here. My chucks don't reach very deep and I don't have a spindle steady. I do have the Jacobs chuck to fit the tailstock. And I do have a bench top drill press, but...not enough depth reach.

The Talon reaches 1/2". Is that enough? And do I want to wrap my hand around a spindle turning at 500 RPM and run the drill bit in cranking the handle on the tailstock? Have to go about 1-1/2" given the handle I am cutting off of the bargain driver I bought.

Do I need spigot jaws, not that I can get any soon enough? How do I hold the spindle on the lathe to drill the hole to keep it centered, bearing mind that I would like to complete this little project tomorrow?

Thanks for helping.

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