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Off Center Hollowing

Paul Zerjay
>I have been looking into eccentric chucks and can't seem to find one that will allow one to turn diagonal to the axis of the lathe without the use of the tailstock. What I have in mind is a 10" tall piece, so there is some weight involved. I'm trying to pulloff a double bowl vase that is kind of in the shape of a "Y". The only thing I can come up with is a disk turned to the diameter of my largest faceplate. Then sand the disk so it is 1/2" thick on one side and 1/8th" thick on the opposite side. This will give me a wedge to be placed between the faceplate and the work itself. The piece will have to be mounted with extra large screws and the base will have to be left rather thick while the bulk of the work is done on the tailstock end. Any better ideas out there? TIA

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Off Center Hollowing
Check out the 'Kelton' system (pricy) *NM*
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