Turning Archive 2007

Making a monster boring bar *PIC*

steve antonucci
>I've made a bunch of these, an so I have it down to a pretty quick process. This one took a bit longer because of a couple of "extras" I put into it.

First, here is a shot of a little tip I have for drilling the end. I place a magnet on the vise, and tighten around the bar. Next, I put a paper "funnel" to catch the metal shavings (this is just a paper towel with a hole. When you are done, you carefully pull the paper towel up over the top and discard the whole mess.

I make the large bars with two holes- one straight in, and the other at an angle. One set screw intersects both holes, and it just cuts down on the number of tools.

Here's a picture of the bar being drilled.

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