Turning Archive 2007

Solartube in Shop *PIC*

Ron McKinley
>Just had a Solartube installed in my shop to light up my turning area. We have 350+ days of sunshine a year here in the Mojave Desert so thought I would save electricity and get better light (daylight).

I don't turn on the 4 (80 watt, 2 tube) overhead ceiling lights anymore. I paid about $260 for it at Lowe's (12" diameter) and HD has two other brands. They seem to come in 8" and 12" sizes. The 12" covers about 300 sq. ft. My handyman installed it for $50.

The photo was a normal shot, handheld and no flash at about 12:45pm today. The light is above me and 3' in front. Looks like it's going to cover my tablesaw and both lathes...Ron

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