Turning Archive 2007

OT? patent question for Indyfest crew, Jerry?

Dick Coers
>I've posted a couple of pictures of some boxes I've made on a rose engine modification I've made to a Jet mini lathe. Should I try and patent this thing before selling kits? Or should I just make a little money on the parts and assume it will be a little while before someone knocks it off anyway? Is it really expensive to get a patent? Never came close to doing something like this before. Can you even patent a modification to an existing machine? There are specific new parts and modifications to parts on the lathe. I don't have an idea if this will be something that will sell much anyway. It will get you a true rose engine lathe for less than $400 if you already have the lathe. Any other rose engine lathe is way above that.

You don't HAVE to be one of the Indy crew to answer, I just know those guys are working on a project.

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