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Using a skew on larger diameter work

GolfSteve in Calgary
>I have a question about using a skew on larger diameter work:

I don't have many problems using a skew on small things like pens or 2" diameter spindles. However, when I try to smooth the surface of a 5" diameter piece (eg. the base of the face vase in my previous question), I just can not seem to find an angle or tool rest height that lets me use a skew without catching.

Seems like as the diameter of the work increases I should have to either drop the skew handle very low (ie. lower the toolrest well below the centreline of the work - lower than my toolrest will go), or raise the toolrest quite high, but move it very far from the centreline of the lathe so that the skew has a huge overhang.

Any tips for me? Thanks,

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