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VS mini lathe - shopmade version

Carol - now in NC Nebraska
>Hey All,

Some time back I got in on the Vega motor deal to make the mini lathe variable speed. Turns out my control boards didn't work. But this past week I met a lady who repairs TV's and trouble shoots to component level. Very few of those left in this world! She found lots of broken connections of the board due to muscling on the spade connectors. All fixed now.


I drew up the wiring diagram with a cooling fan and a reversing switch. I had gathered all the Internet forum comments I could find on this conversion so I think I am OK.

However, there is an itch I'd like to scratch. Due to some conversation here recently concerning tachometers for the lathe, I got curious. Seems the bigger, fancier lathes have them. And there are TA1 and TA2 connections on the motor control board. I am told those are for RPM feedback. Wonder if I could hook up a digital tach in parallel to them and get an accurate reading?

Any electronic types out there that could give me some insight here?

As for a source for the tachs, I found electronics kits, under $30 on the 'net. I have a soldering iron and know how to use it. :)

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