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OT- HP Inkjet cartridges; you pay shipping

Joe Pack
>Merry Christmas to all, and especially to someone who can use HP cartridges and refill kits I no longer need. I have 2 OEM HP51629A black and 1 HP51649B color cartridges in the original factory wrap, a couple of empty or partial cartridges and an assortment of refill materials for these. The factory wrap cartridges are 1-2 years old. The others are a bit older...may or may not be useful. The refill materials are still "liquid," but no promises since I haven't used them for a couple of years.

The 3 new cartridges would cost somewhere in the area of $65. The refill "stuff" would run another $50 or so, although I got some on "close out" at a store going out of business. If someone can use them, you can have them for the price of Flat Rate USPS shipping (about $9). If they are worth more than the $9 shipping to you after you receive them, consider a donation to WoodCentral for a few bucks, although that is not required and will be between you and WoodCentral only.

If you can use them, drop me an e-mail. I finally got around to cleaning out my desk, and I want them gone before I stick them back into the "junk" drawer for a future generation to discover.

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OT- HP Inkjet cartridges; you pay shipping
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