Turning Archive 2007

Turning bootstrapping: is this par for the course?

>Is this typical for someone getting started?

I've been trying some woodturning here and there, and decided to make bottle stoppers for Christmas gifts for some coworkers. I did some practice runs on scrap, and I realized that the chuck jaws I had were not ideal for this job, so I ordered some new jaws for my chuck. I was also using some old turning tools that I got with my old lathe, and I quickly decided that were not going to work -- they were carbon steel turning tools, and I had been practicing on 2x4 material, but I was losing the edge just from the friction when turning harder woods. I considered making bottle stoppers out of 2x4 material, then thought better of it and bought some turning tools from Doug Thompson (1-1/4" and 1/2" skews, 3/8" spindle gouge, 1/2" V-groove bowl gouge, and 1" scraper). They come unhandled. So I needed to make some handles. I looked up info on making handles, and found that I would need a 1" ferrule. Made a trip to the local plumbing supply house for some 1" brass pipe. I wanted to use some white oak I had for the handles, which I found that the aforementioned carbon steel tools weren't going to do well with. Had an interesting experience making a handle with an unhandled 1-1/4" skew chisel. I found that I needed to drill a 5/8" hole for the skew chisel, but didn't have a 5/8" bit. Quick trip to the Borg. Finally got a handle made for the skew chisel, put it together, and used it to make a handle for the 3/8" spindle gouge. Having a handle on the skew makes things much easier.

Now I can finally make some bottle stoppers. Whew!

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