Turning Archive 2007

converted Jet mini to rose engine------WebKitFormB *PIC*

Dick Coers------WebKitFormBoundaryqFOmq51H3saAc+aC
>I'm going to try and load my first photo here, please be patient. After seeing the MDF rose engine in the AAW, I thought about making my own using the backup Jet mini I have. Here are the first items off the machine. I won't give alot of details about the machine yet, I will be looking at selling a kit and instructions for people to make their own if this continues to work out. Please don't kill me about the design of the boxes, I just had to get something to the rose engine to verify the design of the machine. So far, so good. The spalted soft maple was too soft in the end grain and I had some chip out. The walnut was way better. The last photo on the right is the bottom of a spinning top. You'll have to take my word that there are 3 patterns cut in the padauk. Bad lighting!! I did not sand the grooving cuts, that's straight off the machine. Here goes with the photo, looks okay on the preview.

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