Turning Archive 2007

Better Butternut turning

>After my posting of butternut bowls, I got a request from a fellow Woodcentralian for an exchange of some of the butternut for wood from his area. I live in Vermont and we have 12-16" of snow on the ground right now, and are expecting the storm coming across the country as a Nor'easter which may give us another 12-24" by tomorrow night. I decided now was the time to get up in the woods to get some more of the butternut. This tree fell really nicely, and the log is mostly off the ground (it fell last winter). Spalt and water damage from ground contact is not a problem. I brought back several blanks, and decided to get one roughed out right away. My daughter put in a request for something turned from me, and these salad bowls seemed just the ticket for her. It's a little late, but with the EtOH bath, I'll push the envelope a bit.

It has been between 10-20 F all day. Needless to say, the blank was frozen when I put it on the lathe. What a difference! No clogging of the gouge, tear-out was much less and turning was much quicker. More like what I expect when roughing. I had read posts regarding freezing problem blanks. I'm a believer now. Luckily I hare a really large freezer right now that costs me nothing to run. Problem solved.


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