Turning Archive 2007

Hunter Tool/hollowing question?

Barry Irby
>I attended a demo by Lyle Jamerson and bought one of his captive tool hollowing rigs and a No. 3 Hunter cutter.

I am finding some things about this to be hateful. The tool holders have a 3/8" shaft that slides into the boring bar. There is a disk on the tool holder that holds the Hunter Tool or other 3/16" square cutter.

I am have trouble with a couple of things. I have been doing Hf's with Ellsworth tools that are a boring bar with a tooth. I'm finding the disk on the Jamerson tool to be a hindrance. The hole in the HF must be larger to pass it through. Also, the No. 3 Hunter Tool has the cutter set at a predetermined angle. The problem is that as you pivot the disk on the Jamerson tool the Hunter cutter changes the angle it approaches the wood, if that makes sense. Also, I find it difficult to keep the disk stationary on the Jamerson tool. I really have to "set down" on that little bolt to keep the cutter from floating around.

I was thinking that if one of the other Hunter tools had a 3/8" shaft, I could mount it directly into the Jamerson boring bar and skip the little contraption with the disk. (I'm really hating the disk, if you turn it this way it rub on that side, if you turn it that way it rubs on this side.) Has anyone tried this. It seems to me that a Straight Hunter tool and perhaps one with a Swans neck would be great for this. Are the shafts on the Hunter Tools too long for this? Any thoughts?

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