Turning Archive 2007

Rosand help & the Grumbine Gizmo

Mike Cunningham (Cape May NJ)
>I just returned from a visit with two turning mentors and friends. I spent some time with Bob Rosand picking up my portion of Big Leaf Maple Burl that we ordered. Bob was his usual gracious, generous and hospitable self; answering questions and giving me lots of pointers and help, most particularly with the skew. I would strongly recommend that anyone looking for instruction, particularly with spindle turning contact Bob. You can do so through his website at http://www.rrosand.com/index.html

On my way back to south Jersey I stopped by Bill Grumbine's for a visit. As always Bill's shop is open to any traveler who appears at his door, even me. I'd also recommend you seek out Bill for instruction, most particularly for bowls and vessels.

While snooping around, looking at the huge planer/jointer/saw/ shaper/etc machine (forget what it's called), The American Beauty (The lathe...not Bill) I happened upon a fantastic device, a new tool developed by Bill. This is exactly what's needed by anyone trying to find the bottom of the bowl, or more exactly, where the interior bottom is, in relation to the exterior.....no one wants to make funnels!

This thing is made of beautiful machined steel and fully adjustable for any size lathe (even a model for minis), has an adjustable rod that reaches into the bowl or vessel to the bottom and above a high quality laser that projects onto the exterior exactly where that inside bottom is. The thing has to be seen...fantastic. I think Bill calls it The Bottom Line Bowl Depth Gauge. Anyway, the device is extremely well made and best of all fool-proof..........I'm ordering one!

Not how I spent my summer vacation but the last few days.


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