Turning Archive 2007

Need a dowel

Larry in NW Ohio
>I`m looking for a dowel rod for a baby bed for our 4th grandchild. This will be my 3rd bed I made and each one got progressively a little harder for me to make,but just loved doing it. Well before I bore everyone to death. I need an Oak dowel that is 2" in dia and 5 feet long. I have been looking all around the country from addresses from Google and no one does them anymore unless you buy a truckload and I only need two. I had a place in Mich. that I got them from the last time, but they don`t do them any more. If anyone is interested in doing them for me or they know of someone that does them for sure I`d really appreciate it. Of course I`d pay for to make them and also shipping, I would like some kind of estimate first. Thanks and Merry Christmas. Larry in Ohio

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