Turning Archive 2007

butternut bowls *PIC*

>I turned some butternut bowls for our office staff for xmas. I rough turned the bowls a few of weeks ago. Butternut really sucks to turn wet. It is really stringy, which constantly clogged the gouge halting turning, and tearout was unavoidable even with the keenest edge. I dunked the blanks in EtOH, then re-turned them last week. Turned a little easier when dry using a really sharp gouge and shearing cut. Getting through the oval shape from drying, then the tearout left from roughing out I was unable to to alter the final form much from the original. Sanding was just as frustrating. They required a lot more sanding than I am used to, mostly because I was still trying to get rid of tearout.

I like the final results, but butternut goes to the bottom of my list for turning wood. I have made several pieces of furniture out of butternut which are very nice, but it's not worth the required effort for turning.

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