Turning Archive 2007

Cherry Burl - Bird nest *PIC*

John Uteck
>After seeing the wish bowls from Jennifer Shirley, I thought I'd try a couple. This was my first attempt, using a small piece of cherry burl. It is approx. 3" diameter x 7/8" thick. The bottom is rounded with a small dimple to keep it sitting upright.

I tried making my own spheres, but at approx. 3/8" diameter, I couldn't get them to look anything like a sphere. I had better luck making them look somewhat like eggs, so that's what I ended up with -- each approx 3/8" diameter, bloodwood. A coworker suggested the bird -- my wife and daughter picked this one.

Finish is 2 coats of wipe-on poly gel, and hand buffed with Renaissance wax.

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