Turning Archive 2007

Blanked Out... will trade... (drive-by gloat) *PIC*

Allen Neighbors
>I've spent most of last week, and this one, buying a utility trailer, modifying the side rails, and going to the woods. (The trailer is a Army Air Corps bomb-transport trailer that was used here at the Childress AATF during WWII, to carry bombs to awaiting aircraft.) I've cut over a rick of fire wood, and of course I saved some from the fire gods... :) (Did I mention I'm tired?)
This is the second stack of blanks, cut and sealed, for small items... Mesquite, Poplar, Pecan, Oak, Apricot.
I want some Hornbeam, or other very dense wood to practice making threads on. I'd prefer 3"x3"x6" or so size. Anyone want to trade a flat-rate box?

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