Turning Archive 2007

A crack well worth my patience. *PIC*

Jack Savona
>Two years ago I roughed-out some bowls from a walnut tree we had to take down. When one of these bowls developed a serious crack over time, I kept passing it on the shelf, waiting for some inspiration. When the creative spark arrived about 4 months later, I used thin CA on the rest of the stabilized crack with the intent of seeing how thin a bowl I could turn. As I shaped the outside, I visualized the woodburned band at the level of the void. Small foot is also woodburned. Finish, if I recall, is Bush Oil; buffed before and after the finish - with no wax.

Since the bowl is ready to go to its new owner this afternoon as a surprise Christmas gift for his wife, I thought I'd photograph and post it. It's in my top 10 of bowls I've made.

I do welcome your critiques and suggestions.

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