Turning Archive 2007

12:18 and still kicking-what's up?

john lucas
>I don't know what's wrong with me tonight. I'm wide awake. Usually I'm really dragging by 9pm and try to stay up til 10. At 10:30 I went out and turned most of a small Ambrosia red maple bowl. I'll finish the foot in the morning. I guess I'm just excited about having the weekend to myself, the weather will be warm and I can spend most of the time in the shop in comfort.

Maybe I'm starting to get the Christmas spirit. this is a bowl for a gift exchange in our club. Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. Oh that's right your not supposed to say Ho because it might denegrate the oldest profession. And your not supposed to say Merry Christmas because it might offend some group. Well Franky my dear I don't give a reservoir. Can't say that word either. Have a great night. My dog and I are going to hit the sack.

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