Turning Archive 2007

Whoo-Hooo, it goes round and round!

Gary Evans Tallassee, TN
>Hi all,

I finally got my 20", shortbed Woodfast wired up in its new location after several weeks delay. I moved it, in pieces, to its new home at the store several weeks ago, but held off on putting it back together because I thought I might make use of the original start/stop switch combination. Once the lathe is in place, there's no way to access the switches.

I had added a 3Ph 1.5HP AC motor and VFD drive a couple of years ago and now thought that the original switches might be a good way to switch the 220 power to the VFD.

Impatience got the better of me though, so last week I made a diagram of the wiring for the switches, hoisted the lathe bed in place on the stand, bolted the bed to the stand and the stand to the floor. I ran a 220V line to a new box under the lathe and hooked up my newly purchased 20A receptacle.

Yesterday, I built a stand to hold the VFD at the tailstock end of the lathe so that it is isolated from the vibration of the lathe, wired the VFD to the motor and wired the plug to the VFD. Unfortunately a 20A, 250V plug does not mate with a 20A, 125V receptacle. Today, I snatched the old receptacle from the shop here at the house and took it down and wired it up.

Whoopee, the spindle goes round and round again, just like it used to!

Now all I have to do is pack up all my tools, chucks, jaws, hardware, sanding supplies, finishes, etc., etc., and haul the whole shooting match down to the store. Maybe I'll be turning again by this time next week. I sure hope so.


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