Turning Archive 2007

Humble beginings *PIC*

Robert Jay
>I came across this photo the other day. It was the first piece I turned on a lathe two and a half years ago. I remember standing in front of my used Delta lathe that I purchased on Craigs list for a hundred bucks with an old gouge in my hand and a chunk of Walnut bertween what I would later learn was centers.In between cuts I was reviewing the article by Rude Osolnik on how to make a weed pot that I had laying on the bench next to the lathe. My initial thought was "This isn't so hard". The next day I tried a bowl and the bowl won that battle. Of coarse I did not know end grain from grain alcohol, or what was more dangerous, but I persisted and after six months of being a target for flying wood I joined the Del Val Turners Woodturning Club where I have since learned much from both the demonstrators, club videos & DVDs and some great fellow members. This summer I took a 3 day workshop with David Ellsworth which I really gort a lot out of and next year I will be teaching a Hands on Workshop to some new guys or gals that are at day two. I would like to thank you all who have posted here on Wood Central as this site too has been part of my learning process. I intend to continue the learning process till the day, hopefully many years from now, when they pry the gouge out of my decrepit old hand and carry me away to be turned into dust and placed in a finely turned wooden urn of my making.

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