Turning Archive 2007

New platter *PIC*

john lucas
>I finally had a couple of minutes between jobs to shoot my latest platter. This is part of a board a guy gave me a year ago. It was quite wet so I covered it with Endgrain sealer and let it sit for 3 months or so and then Resawed it and let it sit for about 9 more months. I finally decided it was dry enough to turn for a christmas gift for him. I should have used the Cheek test to decide if it was dry enough but I didn't.

Looking at it closely I decided I wish I had left it as a smooth bottom platter. That would have made the flame pattern stand out better. I don't get to turn a lot of crotch pieces so I have to learn these things as I go. Let me know what you would do differently. I still have the other half to turn.

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